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Sadly, Machine Knit Designer is down for the couple months. I accidently deleted the wrong file folder on my server. (a MAJOR one!) An attempt to pull up previous ones from last summer didn't *exactly* turn out as planned. Sigh.

I was getting "lost" of where I was on fixing the site with the long intervals of working on the HTML because of all these annoying eye issues I'm experiencing. I'm only allowed 15-20 minutes at a time or headaches abound. There's still lots of hope since the Eylea shots have started up again. HOPEFULLY I will have everything in apple pie order on the site by the summer. That's the plan. We'll see .. LOL


I will be posting small batches of my patterns for sale on various Facebook selling forums. But you'll have to PM me with your PayPal email address and I can invoive you through PayPal



Keep On Knittin' !!


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