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I'm settled more, feel more at peace. It was healthy for me to start over now that Jerry is gone from my earthly life. He's still with me and always will be in my mind and in my heart. 43 1/2 years aren't going to be erased in just two years time. This past May 11th was especially difficult.

I've downsized to a single bed, but still have my antique 'granny dresser', the armoire, my desk and a knitting machine. LOL. Can't be with out that!!

Love & hugs to all my family and friends. Thank you so much for all your kind words throughout the years. You're all precious to me and I appreciate you so much.


P.S. I'm re-organizing my pages, especially the pattern pages, so bear with me as I get more items in the NEW format. I'm a bit slower these days, but I'll get there eventually. LOL. Click our PATTERNS button to see what I mean. :)

Keep On Knittin' !!

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