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All sorts of great knitting machine patterns in DAK! As well as some Cross Stitch. Here's a few!

Welcome To Machine Knit Designer ...
Since our patterns are now digital e-books / e-patterns,
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I've scattered my goods about on various sites. Many contain all of my ePatterns which I will always have here on as well. Why am I diversifying so much? Simple. It's working. At least it is for me. Sales are up because I'm reaching different people on different sites. I personally don't like all my eggs in one basket. By reaching a broader market base, I'm garnering many more sales.

Many of my goods have moved to ZIBBET! I now have two stores there, the first one is MKDesigner Shop on Zibbet and you will find these: >>> Patterns - Knit HK n MK - Cross Stitch - Cone Yarns - Digital Imagery - Craft Supplies - Vintage - Vintage Craft - Vintage Books

My HANDCRAFTED goods are separated since they were getting 'lost' in the myriad of non-crafted items. Please visit me at KnitsNMore shop onZIBBET! Where you will find these: >>> Custom Knits - Bottle n Can Cozies - Wine Bags - Whatsit Bags - Sachet n Soap Bags - Scarves n Cuffs - Custom Crochet - Tatted Flowers - Yarns 'n Such (Balled yarns, mostly luxury and specialty)

I still have all my ePatterns on Bonanza. You can see the varied types of non-crafting items I market in my Bonanza Booth. My version of an online Yard Sale! LOL!

On occasion, I will have items listed on Just search by my moniker there, MKDesigner.

I have ceased to have items on Etsy, especially since their announcement (eCommerce Bytes Newsletter of 4/15/14) that they will be expanding their wholesale business. There are already enough resellers on there, so having Etsy expand their wholesale business, it has ceased to be the Handmade, Vintage and Supplies venue that I have always loved.

Keep On Knittin' !!

~Marge Parker ~ Crafter, Designer, Author

Last Update:Winter 2014