Changing A Sponge Strip

This is what I did when I changed my sponge strip on my Brother 390 Convertible knitting machine. It's a plastic bed machine that can change into 9mm or 4.5mm. This should work for any plastic bed machine that has a sponge 'strip' you replace rather than the standard sponge 'bar' that is in a metal casing.

When you turn your machine over, you should see the gray (could be black) strip beneath the needles. One of my machines somewhere along the years had a black backed strip.

Closeup of strip beneath the needles – I’ve put a pen tip on the strip

The strip should be visible from either end.

This is the ‘channel’ you’ll use to replace the Sponge Strip
My camera failed me on this next part (sorry!) and I didn't want to pull the strip out just for pics. Read through the following and I think you'll be able to visualize what I did.

1 - REMOVE all the needles PRIOR to taking any old strip out. Turn your machine over.

2 - Then, pin a long cord or firm yarn that won’t break easily to one end of the oldie. I used two safety pins side by side and looped the yarn through the two ends of the pins so the pin wouldn't shred through the fabric on the strip.

3 - From the OTHER end of the oldie, start pulling it out, being careful to make sure that pinned on cord/yarn is still attached and is coming through the channel right behind the oldie you're pulling out.

4 - If you end up with any shredded foam in that channel, vacuum it out before attempting to put in the new one. This is the perfect time to make sure that channel is clean.

5 - Unpin that cord/yarn from the oldie, leaving the cord/yarn in the channel.

6 - Pin the end of the NEW sponge strip to that cord/yarn.

7 - Gently pull the cord/yarn out from the other end and you’ll be pulling the NEW one in as you go. MAKE SURE THE FABRIC SIDE OF THE STRIP is on top as you pull it through. Don’t let it twist.

8 - Once you’ve got it in, replace all the needles and you should be good to go!

Last Update: Feb. 2009