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Decorating Stitch & Starch Knit Baskets - Step by step instructions w/pictures for easily decorating any of our Vistorian style Knit & Starched Baskets. Please see our pattern book for "A Tisket A Tasket Machine Knit A Basket" in our Patterns section.


Easy Casing - a simple way to add a pulling thread for inserting elastic or cording while you knit

Gathered Scallop Ribbing - a favorite around here, this ribbing method looks great on cuffs. It also works for leg warmers, wristlets and more.

I-Cord Fun
- great ideas for using that simple I-Cord. Blend it with other embellishment stitches to expand the use of your knitting machine.


Mock Ribbing - basic instructions on how to create ribbing without having a ribber attachment.

Quick Rib Neckline
- this uses your ravel cord to knit sections off the machine and then add them in later.


Neck Purse - an ever popular one around here, this quick to knit little neck purse adjusts to many sizes. Make the hanging loop shorter and and you can loop it over a belt.

Threading The Mast - example is done with the Brother 390 Convertible and is compatible with most plastic bed hobby machines such as the LK150.

V-Neck Raglan Embellishments
- utilize raglan designs to create a lovely and unique neckline. Five different examples are given with a wide range of uses.

Weave Cast On
- Basics of doing a weave cast on. Examples are shown with a 4.5mm standard gauge knitting machine. 3 variations depending on the look you need.

Changing A Sponge Strip
- Short tutorial using the Brother 390 Convertible as a sample. This is compatible with most plastic bed hobby machines that use a 'strip' rather than a 'bar'.

Setting Up A Tilt Stand
- a few pictures of what you should receive if you purchase a used tilt-stand and how to get it all set up.


Tucked Ribbon Trip - This can be done on just about any machine. Easiest if you have a HOLD button/lever capable machine. Can also be done with manually putting a needle on hold. This is a free PDF download.

Embellish Knits With A Crochet Hook
- Try some Chain Stitch Embroidery on your knit pieces. Great for adding initials, words and various designs.


Stress Free Way To Ease In Stitches !! - this PDF file will teach you how to easily add stitches to your machine knitting. Also great for decreasing stitches.


Oval and Octagon Pattern
- How to create a 'stuffable' oval or egg shape by short-rowing your work. This is done in ONE piece! Very little sewing to be done for this quick project.



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