Mock Rib Cast-On - Sample on KnitKing CompuKnit III Electronic (same as Brother 930)


First, bring out the required number of needles for your main knit piece to "E" position.

Using the 1x1 needle pusher, put EON back into "A" position (out of work).

eWrap across those needles.


Push stitches back against the gate pegs / posts.

Knit 1 row.

Hang weights.


Knit required number of rows for your ribbing times TWO. Our sample is around 24 rows for a 12-row hem.


Bring all the needles to "D" position

Remove weights & cast-on comb


Begin filling in the empty needles you brought out from "A" position with the stitches from the caston ewrap row.


Bring all of the needles to "E" position, hang your comb and weights.

All needles to "E", hang comb and weights.

Make sure ALL of the latches are open. Knit required rows for your garment.

Cast off the work on ;your machine as required in your pattern.


Roll your work vertically, knit side out and give a good tug on the work to help set the stitches.


This is the mock rib taken off the machine.

When you steam / press your work, DO NOT press the mock rib hem. It needs that elasticity.


Mock Rib stretched out a little.

Last Update: January 2009