Oval and Octagon Pattern
© 1990 by Margaret Parker for MKDesigner
All rights reserved, both foreign and domestic.
This pattern developed from a need for some knit, stuff-able Easter Eggs that I could embellish.

This pattern will create either an oval or an octagon. The graph at left is 18 stitches wide by 60 rows and will create the oval shape. If you want the Octagon, follow the directions below.

I rummaged around and found an old one that I did on the Brother 390 Convertible (9mm). As you can see in the pictures, I didn’t do the ravel/waste. It was more of a prototype. My very first ones were on the old HK100. There’s no HOLD button on the HK100, but the “D” position HOLDs and won’t knit the stitches. Our example is for the octagon.

Cast on waste and ravel over 18 needles. Switch to main yarn.

Knit 4 rows

*Short row 1 outside stitch on each side (don’t forget to wrap!!) until there are 8 needles in work.

Begin putting needles in HOLD back into work every other row until all 18 needles are in work. Don’t forget your wrapping as you return the needles to working position**

Knit even to RC 32 (center portion)

Repeat from * to ** , knit 4 more rows and you should be on RC 56.

Take the work off the machine with ravel cord and waste yarn, pin and steam press into a hexagon shape. Flip it over to the backside and blind seam (graft) the ends, closing the opening. Remove waste and ravel.

We used these for stuffed easter eggs (the oval shape) and also for some bean bags in the octagon shape.



Photographs © 2006 Marge Parker & MKDesigner. All Rights Reserved.