Assembling A Tilt Stand

I love using the tilt stand when I need to do yards of lace or larger projects with complicated tuck.
Having the bed tilted so the work is firmly back against the gate pegs is a huge help. Much less chance of errant stitches trying to commit suicide by jumping out of the needle hooks! Ignore the mess, I was in the process of moving machines, a computer and bunches of 'stuff' when I took the pics.

Parts you should have - 4 legs, 1 center bar, 2 case lid bars. That's it! Very simplistic knitting machine stand to put up. It's rather portable too.

The case-lid bars serve another purpose of securing the legs to the stand. See the description on the right. Once you look at the unit, it will start to make sense.

Here's a closer look at the various parts. See how that case-lid bar is bent? That's where you will put your machine's lid. Have items in the lid evenly weighted or it may fall off to one side. Experience speaking!!

Stand the center bar on end, insert the legs splayed out into the U-shaped bracket. Insert the case lid holder from the back and screw into place.
Turn unit over, do the same on the other end. Stand the unit upright.

Backside of stand - these two long bars sticking out are what holds the knitting machine's case lid so you can use it to hold yarns, tools or whatever.

These are the "L" shaped levers that screw in to tighten, out to loosen so the two sides will tilt back. The center portion of the stand remains untilted.

Machine is now clamped onto the stand. The clamps are on the two OUTER bars of the stand. Now you need to adjust those two 'L-Shaped' levers to tilt the machine back. Depending on the weight of your machine, this may be a TWO PERSON JOB !!

Another view of the underside - everything clamped down. There is very little extra space on the tilted bars so be sure you get your machine clamps adjusted right to be equal on both sides of the bars that tilt.

Closeup of lace carriage on the bed

All ready to go! Tilted back JUST enough to make TUCK and lace knitting sooooo much easier!!

Photographs © 2006 Marge Parker & MKDesigner. All Rights Reserved.